Today’s Tip: Let’s have a little Respect for a Change!

It’s time to show some respect for the Scrap Industry.  Let’s not keep equating Scrap Dealer’s too used car salesmen.  Consider, if there were no Scrapyard’s, the cost of all metallic goods would rise 46% and 66% in Obamaese.  The buyer’s of scrap, put their “lives on the line”, everyday, considering the danger of handling materials and equiptment, as well as the unlawful clientele, that slip through the “cracks”, that would rather “hold them up”, as opposed to working for scrap to sell legitimately.

The only way to really appreciate the Scrap Industry, would be for all the scrap facilities in the country, to close their doors for a period of time.  The politicians would hear the cries from near and far, as well as from their wives when they scream out to ” clean out the garage already, will ya?  Until next week, so long from Bo!




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