Bo’s Treat for the week of October 28th:

For every 10 lbs. of aluminum you bring in, mention my name, and we’ll add an extra 2 lbs..!

Today’s Tip: Stainless Steel?

Hey Scrapper’s, for those of you that think you have Stainless Steel, consider grinding the metal to see the type of “spark” it produces.  The redder in color the spark becomes, the more expensive the alloy might be.  Which means, even thoughRead More

Bo’s Treat for October 21th

Bring in at least 100lbs. of copper, or brass, and we’ll give you and extra 10lbs. for free!

Today’s Tip: Careful Loading

Hey Scrapper’s, don’t forget to load your scrap properly in your trucks.  Use red flags, as well as tie-down cords, rope, or straps.  Otherwise, you’re asking for an easy ticket from our friends in blue.  You don’t want a whole day’s “scrapping”Read More

Bo’s Treat for October 14th

If you bring in at least five starters, or alternators, and mention Bo’s name, and we’ll add one extra to your name.

Today’sTip: Distinguishing Hard Brass

Hey Scrapper’s, if you come in contact with bushing brass and want to see if it’s the “good stuff”,  just dangle your magnet along the side of the piece, if the magnet shows an attraction to it, then its ampco, aluminum bronzeRead More

Bo’s Treat for September 30th

Bring in at least 50lbs of brass radiators, mention my name, and we’ll add 10 lbs., free!

Today’s Tip: Why is Yellow Brass Yellow?

Hey Scrapper’s, did you know that there is 60-65% copper in all yellow brass.  The funny thing is, you would think there would be a copperish color showing through.  The reason for this is ,the other alloys that make up yellow brass,chrome,Read More

Bo’s Treat for September 23d

Bring in at least 50lbs. of brass radiators, mention my name, and we’ll add 10lbs. to your metal!

Today’s Tip: Clean Metal Means More Money

Hey Scrapper Buddies, do you know how to increase the price of your scrap?  Well, cleaning, or stripping the metal of anything that is not the same as the metal your selling, will raise the price of that metal!  For example, ifRead More