Hey Scrappers, do you know how to increase the price of your scrap?  Well “cleaning ” the metal, or stripping it of any impurities on that metal, will raise the price per pound by 10-50%.  An example of this is, if youRead More

Todays Tip: Saving Money

Hey Scrappers;  did you know that by recycling your scrap, aside from making you money, it  also can save you money as well. The reason for this is, if we don’t recycle our iron and metals, the cost of all products containingRead More

Today’s Tip: Recycling Laws

Hey Scrappers, always find out the recycling laws in your community!  See if you need a scrap license , or stickers for your truck or car.  You don’t want to have to pay for a ticket, because it will negate what you’reRead More

Today’s Tip: Storing Scrap

Hey scrappers always consider what kind of container you use for your scrap material. You never want to stuff long and jagged pieces of scrap in a bag like container as it is very hard to get the material out. It couldRead More

Today’s Tip: Magnets

You scrappers that carry a magnet (and should, if you don’t), put a string or a chain on the magnet.  Always hold the magnet loosely by the chain or string so that it dangles next to the metal and see the powerRead More